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Instrumented browser for web testing which is an optional browser for iOS and Android (not recommended) and can be used for web testing on Windows Phone devices.

The following instructions are for using the SimpleBrowser application:

Step 1: Use the application manager to Install the "SimpleBrowser" on your device (should be available by default on the application manager).

 If you cannot find it, you can import it from the installation folder:

  • For WindowsPhone8: \bin\adb File name: simplebrowser.xap
  • For iOS: \bin\ipas File name is Browser.ipa
  • For Android: \bin\adb File name: simplebrowser.apk

Step 2: Use the Launch command with the required URL as the "Activity/URL" value.

 In this example we will go to the website.


Step 3: Once website is launched, you can use the object spy to get the web dump of the web site.

You can use WEB Recognition to identify objects on the screen.

Step 4: Click on the object spy button.

You will be able to see the web-dump of the objects. After click on the Object you will be able to see the properties.

Web Properties of the World option:

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