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You can run, edit and view reports of SeeTestAutomation scripts from TestComplete.

Step 1: (In TestComplete)

Add SeeTestAutomation C# assembly to Test Complete project settings.

In the 'project explorer' view, right click on the project -> Edit -> Properties

and select 'CLR Bridge':

Click 'Browse Files' and select the imageClient.dll located in your SeeTestAutomation installation directory, under clients\C# (C:\Program Files\Experitest\SeeTest\clients\C#).

1. (In SeeTestAutomation:)

Once you created a test script in SeeTestAutomation, you can get it in various coding languages including TestComplete VBScript. To do so, go to the 'Code' tab and select 'Test Complete VBScript' from the drop-down.

2. (In Test Complete)

In the 'Project Explorer' view select the 'Script' node and Add New Script.

Copy the TestComplete VBScript from the SeeTestAutomation Code tab and paste it inside the new Test Complete script.

3. In TestComplete, execute the script. Once the script has been executed, you will be able to view the results in the Test Complete reports.

Access to Overloaded Methods From VBScript (Test Complete, QTP and UFT)

"The COM signature for the methods appears as a single DoSomething method followed by a series of decorated DoSomething_x methods, where x starts at 2 and increments for each overloaded form of the method. Note that some of the overloaded methods can be inherited from a base type. However, there is no guarantee that overloaded methods will retain the same number as the type version advances."

We made a modification because we cannot control the name of suffixes of overloaded methods in VBScript. We added a new client class, VBClient, to the imageClient.dll (C# client DLL)  that will have the methods with the script language clients names, like in Python and Pearl clients names.

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