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This help guide explains how to use Cloud version  which enables setting up a mobile device lab located inside your organization (onsite, inside your VPN). The devices in this mobile lab can be accessed remotely by testers performing mobile test automation (using SeeTestAutomation) or mobile manual testing (using SeeTestManual).

Cloud highlights: 

  • Central hub of mobile devices (your own devices) located inside your organization
  •  Devices can be reserved and accessed by any remote tester for automation or manual testing
  •  Resides inside your organization's  VPN ensuring top security and speed
  •  Used in conjunction with SeeTestAutomation or SeeTestManual for testing of remote devices

The main benefits of the Cloud platform for SeeTestAutomation and SeeTestManual are:

  • Top security – it uses your own organization’s security
  • Run on your local network. No need to upload the application and application data to any public entity
  • Efficient usage of mobile devices for testing by sharing resources (accessed remotely) across the organization
  • The Cloud is a software-only solution. There is no need for any proprietary hardware
  • Supports all iOS, Android & WindowsPhone devices, including new devices and proprietary hardware devices that have not yet been commercially launched
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