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Remote Debugging allows users to debug a remote device (in the cloud) as if it was locally connected to the user computer.

Press the Remote-Debugging button to open the Remote Debugging Panel.


Press the 'Start' button to start the remote debugging session. Once the Start button is pressed, a button named Stop will appear.

Pressing the 'Stop' button will terminate the remote debugging session.

Closing the web session (by closing the tab or the browser) will terminate the remote debugging session automatically after few seconds.


Note: In order for the remote debugging to work, SeeTest Remote Debugging service must be installed on the user's computer.

If this service is not installed the user will see the following message when pressing the remote debugging button:

Users can press the installer download link to download the service installer. After installing the service, the user should press the Remote Debugging button again.

Secured connection


In case the agent is using a secure (HTTPS) connection, a one-time approval process must be done by the user to approve the browser to use the remote debugging service via a secure connection.

The user should follow the instructions in the message box to perform this one-time approval process.


iOS remote debugging

Important: Apple's iTunes and Xcode software must be closed before starting the remote debugging session.

iOS devices can be debugged only from macOS


instructions to admins how to enable the download: 

Insert the installers to <Cloud-Server-Dir>/server/bin/RDB_Installers.

The installers:

for windows: SeeTestRemoteDebugging_windows_<version>.exe

for mac: SeeTestRemoteDebugging_macos_<version>.dmg

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