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  • Open a device in manual mode.
  • Locate and click on the Applications button () on the left-hand side:

Cloud applications

  • Choose an application from the list of project applications, and expose the list of versions using the dropdown arrow.
  • Then, use either the Install () or Install Instrumented () button to install the application:

  • By Default, when trying to install an application that is already installed on the device, it will be upgraded and its data will be kept.
    When reinstalling/upgrading an application from non-instrumented to non-instrumented or the opposite ( from instrumented to instrumented), the application data will be kept. When reinstalling/upgrading from non-instrumented to instrumented (and vice versa), the application data will not be kept.

Device applications

  • List of applications installed on the device, their versions, and if installed with simulate capture support/fingerprint support
    • Important Note: if the application uploaded to the cloud with camera instrumentation but actually it's not using the camera library,
      we will not do the camera instrumentation changes so under the Device List applications the app will not recognize as camera instrumented.
  • Click the toggle 'Device' to switch to device applications mode

Uninstall the application from the device

  • Use either the uninstall () or uninstall and keep data () button to uninstall the application from the device

Upload an app

use  button to upload a new application to the project


  • Once you click to install/launch, you can follow the progress in the console:

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