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A user can now start remote debugging from Intellij Plugin. 

To Start Remote Debugging, You first need to Setup Remote Debugging CLI tool path.

Go to Top toolbar → Appium Studio → Setup Remote Debugging

A Dialog will appear on the screen. 
You need to enter/select the path where Remote Debug CLI tool in installed.
Click on Save. 

Open any device from the "Cloud Devices" tab and view it in "Devices" view.
You will see a bug icon() on the side panel, along with other icons.


On Windows machine, remote debug button will not be available for IOS Devices.

Once you click on the button, it will open a terminal and run the Remote Debug CLI for you. The CLI tool will try to connect with the server in order to initiate remote debugging. 

If you want to close remote debugging, click on the bug icon again. 
A dialog will appear asking you if you want to stop it. 

If you press yes, the remote debug terminal will be closed and bug icon's green marking will be removed. 

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