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This option is for users who wish to work with android emulators instead of real devices. SeeTest Automation can connect and perform tests on all Android Emulators.


The main requirement is for the emulator to be identified by the ADB. (Step 4 is here).

Most SDKs require a high-performance machine.

The minimum recommended spec is an Intel i5 processor with 8GB of RAM.

Note: For real testing, you should use real devices.

Details about two recommended main Android Emulator toolkits:

  • Google Android SDK (It can be downloaded from here).
  • GenyMotion (It can be downloaded from here).

The following features will not be available on such emulators:

  1. No reflection can be opened (Open device button will be disabled)
  2. No object spy. To get object properties and to extract elements you should go to the debug tab.
  3. No recording

How to Add emulators:

Step 1: Configure the emulator and open the AVD on the machine.

When the emulator's screen is open, you can verify that adb recognize the device.

Step 2: Follow step 2 and onward on how to connect a real device.