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Many a time, you would want to test your app's camera abilities to take pictures, upload them or save them to the phone's photo gallery.

Experitest implements a mechanism to simulate picture taking ability so that the application software have a notion that picture was taken using the camera ability.


Make sure you prepared the application first by instrumenting it.

Install The Application in Instrumented Mode

Once in the device page,

click install and choose the application

For Android applications, choose Include simulate capture (camera) libraries.

For iOS applications, choose Instrument.

Click Install.

Image Removed

Click (Image Added) this will open the Application Manager. 

Click the application.

Image Added

  • For iOS Application:
    Click  (Image Added)  and click Install Instrumented (appears when Image Added is clicked ). 
  • For Android Application
    Click (Image Added) to install. 

After installation of application is completed, Launch button will appear.

Click the Launch to launch the application.

Simulate Capture

Once the application launched, click on Simulate Capture

, choose the file and

icon as show below.

Image Added

Choose the file to upload. Click Upload

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Image Added

Image Removed

The image has been captured and can now be uploaded using the app, or saved to the phone's photo gallery.

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