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SeeTest 12.2 Release Notes

Welcome to the Experitest documentation home page

Experitest The Continuous Testing Platform provides a Robust robust and high performance Testing testing solution for Mobile Device mobile device and Browser browser applications. 

Key areas Experitest focuses on are:

  • Mobile Application Testing 
  • Web Application Testing 
  • Real Devices and Browser Lab

This Documentation provides all the information and resources you need to Create, Execute tests using utilities provided by Experitest and perform live tests..

Please visit spaces below which provides detailed information on various concepts in Experitest. 

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titleLive Testing

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Release Notes

Continuous Testing supports the entire lifecycle of test development and execution. In this knowledge base, you can learn more about: 

   Covering remote access for mobile devices or web browsers for manual testing, validation or debugging

  • TC

    Easily develop and debug tests on Android/IOS devices, using our dedicated tools.

  • Test Execution 

    Integrate with CI/CD tools to execute Selenium, Appium, XCUITest, Espresso tests.  View and analyze test results.

  • PM

    For Project Admin, Manage the project users, devices, application, reports and more.

   For cloud administrators only. Manage and monitor your digital labs (available for enterprise accounts only) 

SaaS Account

Project Management

Release Notes Continuous Testing 22.10 Release Notes

Previous release notes

Supported Mobile OS

Android 45.4 1 and above

iOS 10 12 and above

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The Continuous Testing Platform provides a robust and high performance testing solution for mobile device and browser applications. 

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