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Release Highlights:

The new test report: 360º investigation

The completely new video test reports help quickly identify issues and their causes.

  • Consolidate different types of data including: Test steps, video recording, test data, device logs, framework logs, debug data and more
  • Data is fully synchronized across all data types
  • Reports contain improved APIs for better DevOps toolchain integration

To learn how to configure the new Video Report read the Reports Settings

Next Generation XCUITest & Espresso Support

Version 12.3 includes powerful enhancements to native testing frameworks, improving your ability to leverage these tools for fast and actionable feedback.

  • Advanced execution management options:
    • Fast feedback or coverage mode
    • Ignore tests
  • Execution from CI
  • Live Grid view - see your tests live as they are being executed
  • Automatically generated intuitive reports and actionable insights – fully integrated with the new video report and analytics dashboard. 

Documentation: Manage Test Run with the API

Improved device protection and maintenance 

  • Enhance iOS device security with password protection. The system will enter the password when opening a session. No need to define this as part of your automation project or in your manual testing flow
    For more information: Keep Devices Unlocked
  • Report an issue for a specific device directly from UI. This streamlines user experience, saves time and improves information gathering for issue resolution

Browser and OS version support

  • iOS 12.2 beta 3 is fully supported
  • MacOS Mojave
  • Windows 10.0 version 17763

Additional Features



1Cloud - Auto Refresh Rate - Allow To set different refresh rate for iOS/Android

Device's refresh rate will automatically change according to refresh rate. To configure: Automatic device refresh rate

2Appium Capability - have a capability to not release a device after performing driver.quit();Device Setup
3Appium driver - Allow to launch an application (Android & iOS) without restarting itApplication Setup
4Web Studios - Have a notification when orientation change is not supportedChanging the orientation on an unsupported screens will notify the user that orientation did not change
5Cloud/Grid - Enable user to run scripts without device cleanupProject Admins can allow their users to release a device without a cleanup. To configure: Device Setup
6Support manager publisher with ProxyAbility to use report directly (Without grid/appium capabilties) to the reporter under proxy configuratios
7Reporter - Allow Test View creation through API Rest API
8Cloud - Allow multiple device reservation with a single API callManage devices with the API
9Reporter - Ability to delete field if it appears in test viewTest Analytics
10Selenium Agent - User will be able to delete browser from Cloud UI
11Selenium Agents - Support Apple Mojave Mojave OS support
12Selenium Agent - Manual - Supporting Windows 10.0 version 17763New Windows 10 version support
13LDAP Integration - Add a field to select which project new users will be assigned toCloud Admin will be able to configure the default project for new LDAP users (until now, users was always assgin to 'default' project)

Known issues and bug fixes

Bug fixes



1Cloud - Cannot could not run grid tests with Mac DHM and proxyFixed, now able to excute execute tests on a Device Host Machine that is installed on MacOS with proxy configurations

Additional Information for On-premise Deployments

New Features

  • File Storage and Application Signer services can be deployed in separate machines in order to reduce load from the cloud server.

Additional Features & Bug Fixes



1FeatureCloud - Application page - Allow cloud admin to block users from seeing the Install/Uninstall buttons in the Applications pagefor more information: Install Applications On Several Devices
2BugCloud Stability - tokens are increased during automation testsFixed