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Welcome to the Grid Execution documentation.

Large automation projects depend on computers, mobile devices, and browsers. Massive and fast automation execution requires calculated resources management which can sometimes be a difficult task.

Experitest frees you from the clutter and hassle of setting up and managing large device repositories. There is no need for storage space, no need to worry about keeping the devices connected and fully charged and no need to worry about what operating systems and versions are at your disposal. With the Digital Assurance Lab, you have all the devices you need. Although they are located in a dedicated server room and may even be located halfway across the world, Experitest allows you to work with them and execute your Mobile & Web automated tests in parallel on the grid.

In this section, you will learn how to execute your mobile & web automation on the grid, using remotely located devices and browsers and as if they were stationed locally near you. In addition, you can also store & view all of your tests reports using SeeTest Reporter.

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