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Cloud administrators can enable and configure telephony features for cloud devices.

To use telephony features, you'll need an active Plivo Account. For more details, see here.

How to enable or disable telephony:

  1. Go to More -> Device Policies page.
  2. Click on the "Telephony" tab.
  3. Phone calls and SMS can be enabled or disabled individually by checking or unchecking the respective checkboxes.
  4. To enable telephony features, paste your Plivo API key and API Token in the appropriate fields (key and token are obtained in the Plivo website)
  5. Once all details are entered, click on "Save"

Once all details are entered and saved, you can test your configuration by entering a receiving phone number on the bottom line, and clicking "SMS" or "Call".

Next, you will need to define a phone number for a device.

Finally, you can use the telephony commands ReceiveIncomingSMS and ReceiveIncomingCall.

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