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Appium Studio Tutorials 

Watch the Appium Studio tutorial videos and read the accompanying documentation to learn how to speed up your mobile application testing using Appium Studio by Experitest. Experitest's mobile test automation. Appium Studio fully integrates with any testing framework and CI environment.

This self-training course will prepare you to run fully automated tests on iOS and Android devices using Appium Studio and your existing test automation environment.

Tool Overview:

Session 2: Installation and Main Screen Overview

In Session 2 of our Appium Studio training, we review the installation process as well as the main elements of the main screen.

Online Guide

Session 3: Installation Demo

In Session 3 of our Appium Studio training, we will show you a demo of how to install Appium Studio.

Session 4: Connecting Devices Overview

In training session 4 for Appium Studio, we give you an overview of how to connect devices to Appium Studio.

  • Connecting Cloud Devices (Link)

Session 5: Connecting Devices Demo

  • Connecting Cloud Devices (Link)

This demo will show you how to connect to devices in the Digital Assurance Lab from Appium Studio.

Session 6: Application Preparation Overview

In session 6 of our Appium Studio Training, we will review the process of preparing an application for testing.

  • Preparing applications for testing (Link)
  • Install Application Android (Link)
  • Install Application iOS (Link

Session 7: Creating Tests Overview

This training session is an overview of test creation, test recording and test reports.

  • Getting Started (Link)
  • Recording tests (Link)

Session 8: Installing Applications and Creating Tests Demo

In this training session for Appium Studio, we will be showing you a demo of installing an application on a remote device and how to record a basic test.

  • Prepare Applications for Testing (Link)
  • Creating Android tests (Link)
  • Creating iOS tests (Link)

Session 9: Object Identification Overview

In session 9 of our Appium Studio training, we will give an overview of the Object Identification methods available in Appium Studio.

Session 10: Object Identification Demo

In this training session, we will show a demo of the Object Identification methods available in Appium Studio.

Session 11: Parallel Execution Overview

In this video, we will give an overview of the parallel execution capabilities of Appium Studio.

Session 12: Parallel Execution Demo

This Appium Studio training session is a demo of the Parallel Execution capability.

Session 13: Grid Execution Overview

  • Appium Client (Link)
  • Grid Execution (Link)

This Session of Appium studio training covers an overview of the Grid Execution capability.

Session 14: Grid Execution Demo

This session contains a demo of the Grid Execution Capability.

Session 15: Summary

The final Appium Studio training session is a summary of the previous sessions.

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