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About Appium Studio for Eclipse Tutorials

Watch the Eclipse Plugin tutorial videos and read the accompanying documentation to learn how to speed up your mobile application testing using Appium Studio for Eclipse. The plugin fully integrates with any testing framework and CI environment.

This self-training course will prepare you to run fully automated tests on iOS and Android devices using Appium Studio and your existing test automation environment.

Tool Overview (Link)

Session 1: Installation and connecting a device

In this tutorial, we will cover basic installation of Appium Studio for Eclipse

Online Guide

  • Installation Guide (Link)
  • Connecting Devices (Link)



Session 2: Create a new Project

This tutorial will teach you how to create a new project.

Online Guide

  • Project configuration (Link)



Session 3: Install an Application

This tutorial covers installing an application on remote mobile devices.

Online Guide

  • Install Application (Link)


Session 4: Creating a Test

This tutorial is about Creating tests in Appium Studio for Eclipse.

Online Guide:

  • Create a Test (Link)

Session 5:  Executing Tests

This tutorial will guide you through the execution of your tests.

Online Guide:

  • Test Execution (Link)

Session 6: Storyline Capability 

This tutorial will show you how effective the Storyline capability is.

Online Guide:

Session 7: Parallel Execution

This tutorial will show you how to run tests in parallel using Appium Studio for Eclipse. 

Online Guide:

  • Parallel Execution (Link)

Session 8: Test Reports 

This tutorial will show you how to analyze your test results. 

Online Guide:

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