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We are happy to announce SeeTest version 12.1.

This version completes the move to 64-bit architecture, expands use case support with integration to native authentication tools and expanded use of test results data.

As per our commitment, the SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform supports the latest models, including iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR



Main Release Highlights:

Automatic Upgrade to 64 bit architecture

Cloud server and device host machine software will now run in 64-bit, enabling better resource utilization and improving system performance.

All required configuration changes are handled automatically during the upgrade process - files and folders will be automatically updated to support the change. 

Cloud folder will now be located under C:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files (x86).


Image result for 64 bit icon

Test Result Export

Export large amounts of test result data for extensive investigation of results and trends. Exported data includes test data, results, steps and tags.


Mojave OS support

Digital Assurance Lab, Appium Studio and SeeTest Automation can now run on machines running on Mojave. 

Important notes

  • Upgrading the cloud from version 12.0 to 12.1 - cloudserver.vmoptions file is initialized and default maximum heap memory is set to 1024m.

  • Upgrading selenium agent from version 12.0 to 12.1 on mac machine - must uninstall and re-install again.
  • Cloud- Network Virtualization - External Devices page is removed starting at version 12.1
  • Behavior change - Upload application to cloud - If application already exists it will not be overridden even if camera support/fingerprint support/custom keystore is changed. The client will receive a response with existing app Id.  To use the old behavior you can use:


Known issues

  • Selenium Agent version 12.1 doesn't support MacOS Mojave.

Additional Changes


Issue Type



Cloud Managment
1ImprovementMany improvements were made to Cloud's performance and run-time memory consumption
2New FeatureNotes for device reservationsCloud Admin can configure that any reservation made in a specific project will require Notes. Usually, this is an optional field. Notes can be used in order to describe the reason for the reservation.
3New FeatureCloud current license usageCloud admin is now able to see details regarding current license usage via Cloud UI's License page. Available details are username, project, type and number of licenses in use and from which product they are used.
4BugCloud - Enabling proxy on Device Host Machines doesn't let open STAWI / GridDevice host machines had an issue of not working with proxy hosts-ignore.
5Test Authoring
6New FeatureAppium Driver - Add new capability 'install.only.for.update'Install the application only if the desired version is different from the application version on the device (or if the app does not exist on the device). Otherwise, keep the application on the device Application Setup

New FeatureSeeTest Automation - Support for automatic proxy configuration via Pac file

Support for automaticlly proxy configuration via Pac file (apply also for Appium Studio)

SeeTestAutomation - Proxy Configuration

New Feature

SeeTest extension For Appium - Support advance commands with local files

Allow to use SeeTest advance command with your Appium tests: audio commands, capture from the device, simulate capture and more...

Appium SeeTest Extension (Java)

New Feature

iOS - Support ForceTouch actions on non-instrumented apps

Allow to perform force touch actions on a non-instrumented application, the application must be for debugging

SeeTestAutomation- ForceTouch

7ImprovementiOS - Support monitoring Apples Email applicationAllow to monitor (cpu, memory, battery usage) the Apple's Email apps
9ImprovementAndroid - Support monitoring system apps

Allow to monitor (cpu, memory, battery usage) android systems apps, include vendor system apps like: ''

Android - Support advance application launch with parameters

SeeTest allows you to pass Environment variables and command line arguments to an Android application during the launch process.

SeeTestAutomation - Launch With Options

UX - Improve visibility for Browsers pageImprove the UX of the Browser page for better representation of all the supported browser version and operating systems by the cloud

UX - Manual For Web - Add a marker for Click and Swipe actionsGive better indication and feedback to the user about his actions on the device

Clients - support os full version with getDeviceProperty

Give the ability to get the 'full' version (aka 7.1.2) of the Android / iOS device by using:

 GetDeviceProperty("os.version") -

Appium Studio Community - Failed to open studio due to licencs check failureFix bug related to the license mechanism in the Community edition

BugiOS - iPhoneX - Incorrect offset for elements in Safari in landscape Fixed

BugiOS - iPhoneXS - Object Spy does not show elements in the proper frame Fixed

BugiOS - Safari - Object Spy doesn't identify browser menu elements for iOS 11 and iOS 12

To support menu elements weshould use to property 'safari.webview.include' with the setProperty Command SeeTestAutomation- SetProperty

BugSimulators - iOS 12.0 - Can't get device log from new simulators modelsFixed

BugiOS - Signing - IOS- Can not sign application containing Watch appFixed

BugiOS - Element has property 'onScreen' true although it isn't visible or clickable

Reproduce on the iPhone models (X/XS/XR), in order to get more reach (but slower) dump we should us the property:

'' with the setProperty Command

SeeTestAutomation- SetProperty

BugAndroid - partially visible elements cannot be clickedFixed, add new mechanism to support elements that are only partly on the screen

BugTelephony - HangupInSeconds parameter of ReceiveIncomingCall method not workingFixed, Now able to set the 'HangupInSeconds' parameter when using the Telephony feature SeeTestAutomation- ReceiveIncomingCall
11Shift Left
Network Tunnel CLI files Should be part of the Cloud Server installation
12BugNetwork Tunnel - Configuration - status is "Available" when tunneling port is wrong

Fixed, Now the 'Status' value fort he Tunnel server represents the real status

13BugNetwork Tunnel - Tunnel Client stops working after long run tests Fixed
15Continues Testing
16BugiOS - XCUITest - Failed to select iOS 12 devices with minor version (aka 12.0.1) Fixed


iOS - XCUITest - Failed to excute tests on Xcode 10


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