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Release Highlights:

Mobile test automation: Appium SeeTest Extension

This extension allows you to use special commands in standard Appium tests. These commands include actions that cannot be performed in Appium such as simulate capture, mock authentication, capture network data and more. 

[Appium SeeTest Extension (Java)]

Mobile test automation: new automation commands

These new commands can be used in your test to speed up test execution and cover more use cases.

  • Clear app data (iOS) - reset application data at the beginning of a test (ApplicationClearData)
  • Get application info - obtaining application information and use in test flow. For example: check application version and skip installation if it the required version. (getApplicationInfo)
  • Get location (Android)- Receive the defined device location of the device. Useful for testing location-based services. (GetLocation)

Reporting & analytics: additional data and more analytics options

  • TestNG and JUnit client-side failures data - now consolidated into SeeTest Reporter.  Availability of Debug and failure data improves the ability to identify failure cause. Supported

  • The number of tag fields available in SeeTest Reporter is now 1,000. Assigning more tag fields to tests enables intelligent analytics that drive decision making and faster resolution.

  • Finally, by popular demand, the default report ordering in the reports tab has been changed to latest reports first. 

Cross browser testing: streamlined automation

  • View live session - from grid execution, click open to see the test being executed.
  • Pop-up handling - pop up messages in selenium tests are closed automatically to avoid test failures.

Additional Features



1Download cloud events to fileCloud Admin is now able to download the list of cloud events into csv file. This is possible via the Cloud Events page in the cloud webUI.
2Limit each license type usage for each projectBy default there will be no limit per each project. Cloud admin is able to limit some or all license types for a specific project. Read more about it in the documentation.
3Cloud Application will not sign iOS Ad-hock application if not needed
5Browsers usage reportCloud Admin can now generate desktop browsers usage reports. This report includes date and time of usage, user name and project, browser name, and version etc, for more information: Cloud Usage Report
6IntelliJ Plugin - Support WebStorm and RubyMineAllow to build and debug your mobile test from the RubyMine and WebSorm IDE's
7Appium Driver - Generic way to use setProperty capabilities

Now, you can use additional session capabilities similar to setProperty() command, for more info: Additional Server Capabilities

8Add Tooltips on long fields in Reporter
9Selenium Agent new browser version support

Chrome 69, 70

Firefox 63

Known issues and bug fixes

iOS 12.2 beta will be supported it in the next version (12.3)

Bug fixes



1ExperiJ - Plugin installation does not work for latest Idea 2018.3.2Support the latest release for IntelliJ IDE
2iOS - client.deviceAction("Enter") is not supported in iOS devices

Fixed for iOS 11 and above

DeviceAction Command

3Fix of a few Cloud Server security vulnerabilities

Additional Information for On-premise Deployments

New Features

  • Major architecture changes will help improve stability and performance. These are also an initial step to a move to a microservices architecture. The architectural change introduces 2 new services: file storage and application signer. 
  • Both services are located in the same machine as the cloud server and are automatically installed. 
  • For more information:

Notes & known issues

  • Cloud Upgrade-
    • There should be enough disk space on the cloud server for a copy of all the applications
    • Multi port cloud with remote DHMs- should open another port for the file-storage service
  • Cloud 12.2 clean install - Must check all cloud services during installation so that the cloud will work properly
  • Cloud Server with self-signed certificate - Be aware that there's a behavior change in 12.2 - When headless_trust_store is missing from Agent\conf folder, the DHM will be in Error status. Read more about this in the documentation.

New Features & Bug Fixes



1FeatureCloud install the latest Cambrionix Api version in any cloud DHM upgrade
2FeatureCloud Devices - Monitor Cyder on iOS devices and revive it when it disconnects

Verifies that Cyder is always up and running on cloud's iOS devices, so the cloud will always have immediate control over the devices.

Specifically, it will improve the stability of unlocking iOS devices using PIN code.

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