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The command allows you to install application in run time.





PathstringThe path of the application to be installed. Can be either a url or the app path in the cloud (see code example)

true - instrumented

false - non-instrumented


true - will upgrade the existing application installed without losing its data.
false: will run over the application

In iOS KeepData flag does not have effect, data will be kept when using same provision profile, otherwise the data will be lost.


Since the report is the sum of all steps (closely linked with the commands that you issued during the test), you would often want to inject custom steps and messages into the report in order to enrich the report and provide additional information that is not found in the report, or is printed to the console instead. The command also lets you decide whether the step has failed or passed


Set Experitest Url

Please make sure you replace <EXPERITEST_URL> with appropriate URL in the code snippet below.

Usage of Install Command
driver = new AndroidDriver(new URL("<EXPERITEST_URL>"), dc);
seetest = new SeeTestClient(driver);


//installing from a url
seetest.install("", true, true);
//installing from a cloud path
seetest.install("cloud:com.experitest.ExperiBank/.LoginActivity", true, true);

The complementing command for the install command is the launch command.

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